Investor Relations

Our Relationship with our investors are sacred to us. We keep our investors under the shelter of our expertise as well as our honest and committed approach to project management. We are able to provide a healthy relationship to our existing investors as well as future partners based on transparency as well as “well calculated” investment portfolios.



Our values are as essential to us as the foundation of any project which we have executed. Our values are simple..but are indispensable.

Honesty, Commitment and pursuance for excellence. Without these core values Paradise Holdings successful track record would be non existent.


History of Deliverance

The journey from an idea to its execution can be miles apart but nothing can compare to the feeling of fulfillment like delivering a quality project. Paradise holding feeds on this feeling and has successfully completed all its initiated project at par with the expectations of its valued customers. Deliverance is a factor on which Paradise holdings repeats history very often.